Ashleigh O’Hair

Riding School Director. Hunter/Jumper, Dressage Instructor

Since beginning her equestrian experience at age 2, Ashleigh’s passion is working with horses and people who love them. Having trained in Dressage with Kathleen Raine in youth, she went on to train horses and ponies to be used in show jumping and riding school programs. During lessons, Ashleigh improves riders’ confidence and knowledge with focuses on communication with horses and encouragement to improve and challenge riders. She adores students of all ages and has a background that includes behavior therapy and physical rehabilitation.

Elena Lemm

                 Riding School Instructor

Elena joins WEC as a lifetime horse enthusiast with experience in riding, teaching and horse artistry. She has 30+ years of riding experience including training and showing in English equitation and Hunter with local trainers and her own horses. She now uses natural horsemanship to enhance the experience for horse and rider.


Elena most enjoys helping beginners get a confident start and returning riders refind their passion. It's never too late to get back up there!


Stacy Sibel

Hunter/Jumper Instructor and Trainer

Stacy has +20 years of riding experience and 10 years riding and teaching professionally.

She is moving from CO and is excited to share all her vast knowledge with you! More info once she settles :-)

Brooke Friedman

                 Riding School Instructor

Brooke recently moved to the Houston area from Wisconsin with her own horse, Kentucky. Her passion for horses comes from many long hours in the saddle and the joy of watching students of all ages develop an understanding and feel for the horses they partner with.

Having come from a background of Dressage and 3-day Eventing, she has the foundation and knowledge to help students grow and develop in multiple areas. Her philosophy when training students is to listen to their interests, concerns, and goals and build a lesson program tailored to each individual’s needs.