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WEC´s Riding School´s Curriculum 

Our instructors follow WEC´s 5 Levels Program: You will first have an assessment trial lesson to assign you to a certain level.  As your riding progresses, you will have the chance to present your skills during our Monthly Shows Tests to move up the levels. We believe that our program helps reward and motivate students for their riding and horsemanship achievements, as well as help parents (in the case of minors) to understand the skills that riders work so hard to gain. Each student will receive a WEC´s wristband to mark each level´s achievement.  

Level 1 *
Level 2 **
Level 3 ***

- Identify two reasons to groom before riding

- Show proper technique with three grooming implements

- Mount properly with only required amount of assistance

- Correctly pick up reins


Demonstrate the following riding skills, on or off lunge line:

  - Walk

  - Halt

  - Sitting trot

  - Two-point position at halt/walk/trot

  - Drop and pick back up stirrups

  - No hands work at sitting trot

  - Ability to perform 10 correct posts in a row

   - Steer around cones

   - Steer over poles

   - Correct dismount, with appropriate amounts of assistance

- Show proper grooming technique

- Saddle and bridle horse with appropriate amounts of assistance

- Identify all three gaits

- Identify personal riding discipline

- All skills from Star 1 Level

Demonstrate the following riding skills:

- Continuous posting trot

- Ability to maintain two-point in trot

- Properly lengthen and shorten reins in walk and trot

- Drop/pick up stirrups during sitting trot

- No hands work in posting trot

- Change diagonals at posting trot

- Steer off lunge line around cones at trot (posting or sitting)

- Post min. one time around ring off lunge line

- Trot over poles in balance position and posting (on or off lunge line)

CHALLENGE: Select & perform a Level 2 pattern 

- Identify three parts of saddle and bridle

- Show proper technique for “putting a horse away”

- All skills from Stars 2 Level


Demonstrate the following riding skills:

- Extend and collect the walk

- Posting trot off lunge line in:

20 m circle, reverse of direction, over poles

- Show ability to post with no stirrups

- Show ability to hold two-point with no stirrups

- Consistent ability to identify diagonals

- Canter on/off lunge line

- Good transitions from: walk to trot, walk or trot to canter, trot to walk, trot to halt, walk to halt

CHALLENGE: Properly perform a trot serpentine, showing change of diagonals

Level 4 ****
Level 5 *****

- Identify basic horse first aid

- Identify various pieces of training/protective equipment and their use

- Identify beats and “foot falls” of all three gaits

- All skills from Stars 3 Level

Demonstrate the following riding skills:

- Walk, trot, canter, showing good transitions upward and downward

- No stirrups work at all three gaits

- Consistently identify leads and diagonals

- Show ability to extend and collect all three gaits

- Leg yielding and bending work

- Show correctness in rein adjustments throughout

CHALLENGE: Select and perform any training level/ 1st level dressage test

- Show ground training skills, as selected by trainer

- Put bridle together

- Identify 5 different bits

- All skills from Stars 4 Level                     

Demonstrate the following riding skills:

- Walk, trot, and canter demonstrating proper balance and bend

- Show correct use of double bridle (where appropriate)

- Participate in appropriate horse show, critiquing own ride

- Participate in “junior judging” event at show         

CHALLENGE: Create own test or course and perform to determined standard


Complete our online Liability Release prior your first ride

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