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We offer riding lessons with our magnificent horses. You are also welcome to take lessons with your own horse/s. If you do not own a horse, we have horses for sale!  We offer horse boarding at our spectacular Lake Barn

Below we introduce you to our dear schooling horses:


A pocket rocket pony! This little mare may be small but she can jump, jump, jump! For intermediate to advanced lessons this little girl is a real head turner. A fast pony stride with a horse sized jump Sapphire is always willing. If she is not at the gate to meet you she will follow you there as she loves people especially if cookies are involved : )


William is one stunning guy! With his balanced trot and smooth canter, he is great for the rider learning to have more independence. This easy-going boy loves his job and will show it with how willing he is to please. Used for all level of riding William is a one of a kind guy!


What a beautiful mare! This big girl has some very powerful gaits. She is an all-around girl and goes from English to western with ease. Her big trot is great for learning how to control a faster and stronger horse. Used for our experienced riders Katrina is a great confidence builder.

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more info coming soon

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One of our most beloved horses! Also known as the lunge line master he is great with our young and inexperienced riders. With his pronounced gaits, he is perfect for introducing the trot and canter for the first time. He will always look for his special cookies after his ride as well as a few kisses. 


Zippo is one of those horses that you grow to love. Funny and quirky, he is an all-around type guy. Until you ride this little guy, all you notice is his sweet face. Certainly a sweetheart this little man will test any riders abilities. Kind eyes and a funny personality isn't all he has to offer.  This unforgettable pony will have any rider wanting to learn more!


Duchess. Her name says it all. Everyone who gets to ride this wonderful mare never wants to get down. With her smooth gaits, she is a true beauty to watch and to ride. This mare also loves to jump, she is perfect for introducing smaller jumps but can also take an experienced rider around a course.



Former Cavalia Show actor!

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