WEC´s Little Riders Club (3-6 years old)

Our mission is to help build a SAFE and SOLID foundation for our youngest riders in portions appropriate for their attention spans, at a reasonable rate to clients, with the understanding that they will graduate from the Little Riders Club ready to be successful in the Riding School in a private or semi-private setting. 

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The format of the club will be as follows:
* One trainer and One Teenage Helper
* 2 kids at a time so there is always someone hands-on, instructor always present.
* 35 minute lesson format (horses will be out and ready to ride, students will help complete tack up and prepare for lesson, spend 15-20 minutes in saddle and/or horse in hand, at walk, exercises, dismounts, give treats)
* 3 rounds (6 students) in 2 hour blocks, 2x/week.  Current proposed time slot according to parent polls is 6-8pm Monday’s and Fridays.  
* Charge to clients proposed: $160 for 4, or $300 for 8 classes/month. The LRC will meet 8 times/month.


Complete our online Liability Release prior your first ride